Seeing Red

Seeing Red
Narrative Feature Film (in development)
Director: Liselle Mei | Writers: Derek Nguyen & Liselle Mei
Producer: Derek Nguyen
Developed at the IFP Market’s No Borders Program and Tribeca Film Festival’s All-Access Alumni Program
Winner of the 2012 C3: Project Market at the LA Asian Pacific Film Festival

When the security of their lives suddenly gives way, three women in New York City’s Chinatown find themselves pushed to acts of revenge and reconciliation…

Winding through the backstreets of New York’s Chinatown, a motorcycle accident overturns three seemingly safe and unconnected worlds. A sheltered housewife discovers that her husband has been leading a double life. A young girl finds herself trapped by the sexual advances of her sister’s older lover. A widow plots to confront the man responsible for her husband and daughter’s accidental deaths. Seeing Red is the collision of these invisibly-linked stories, each character avenging loss in the name of love.