Photos of the Day: Logan Zillmer’s Surreal World

Photographer Logan Zillmer captures surreal scenes of well-dressed gentlemen trapped in an alternate universe, living out their respective dreams and nightmares. His photo a day 365 project in progress can be seen here:

Photos of the Day: Candid Portraits of 1960s Passengers Riding the NYC Subway.

Photos by Enrico Natali.

Photos of the Day: Cool Dad

Jason Lee is a professional wedding and portrait photographer. He’s also father to Kristin and Kayla, two of the most adorable and photogenic kids on the planet.

Photos of the Day: Vintage Native American Portraits

These Native American people were photographed in the early 1900s, by William Pennington and Lisle Updike who spent traveling the four corners of Colorado, Utah, New Mexico and Arizona in a wagon.

Photo of the Day: Perseid Meteor Shower

Night sky watcher David Kingham took this photo of the Perseid meteor shower from Snowy Range in Wyoming on August 12, 2012. According to NASA research, the Perseid meteor shower produces more fireballs — bright meteors that streak across the sky — than any other annual shower, earning it the title of “fireball champion”.