Norman Mao Buzz & Derek Interviews

We have been featured on several different websites and media outlets. Come take a look at what people are saying about us!

Larry Yu of Seattle-newspaper, The International Examiner, interviews Derek about making Norman Mao!
July 9, 2011“wives/

Awesome site Bicoastal Bitchin posted a profile of Derek Nguyen and his obsessions!
Feb. 7, 2011

AArisings did an extensive interview with Derek Nguyen on their site! See who is Derek’s inspirations, his guilty pleasure, and what his New Year’s resolution is!
Jan. 5, 2011

Azine and Asian American Movement, two awesome websites devoted to progressive, radical & revolutionary Asian American perspectives, posted a lengthy interview with our writer/director Derek Nguyen!
Jan. 4, 2011

Check out this cool website of Star Trek videos called Final Frontier Media who’s helping us spread the word about your film!
Jan. 2, 2011

Cool blogger Tak Toyoshima interviews our very own Derek Nguyen on his awesome blog, Secret Asian Man!
Dec. 20, 2010

The super-cool Metropolitan Arts League posted an extensive fireside chat with our writer/director Derek Nguyen!
Dec. 16, 2010

We’ve been featured on a popular Star Trek website, Subspace Communique! “Oh my!”
Dec. 16, 2010’s-george-takei-“oh-my”

Blogger extraordinaire Gil Asakawa posted on his website, Pop Stuff, about our Kickstarter campaign!
Dec. 16, 2010

We heart Angry Asian Man! Check out his very popular blog that features our little film!
Dec. 13, 2010

The very comprehensive fan site Tribe Heaven for the international hit show, The Tribe, posted our Kickstarter campaign on their site and featured cast member, Michelle Ang! They’re even backers for the film!
Dec. 9, 2010

One of the authorities on APA representation in media, Channel APA gave us an awesome shout out!
Dec. 6, 2010

The bad-ass blog site Bicoastal Bitchin was the first to break the news about us! Cool!
Dec. 8, 2010