Mozz Meisters!

We made mozzarella tonight and it only took 30 minutes! Kenny’s the cheesemeister!

Fascinating Composite Portraits of Every Face in a Movie

Wow! Avatar, The Matrix, and Amelie are my favorite portraits. How about you? The video is cool too.

Seoul-based artist group Shinseungback Kimyonghun — creative duo Shin Seung Back and Kim Yong Hun, who we learned about on Booooooom — created custom software that configures a composite image reflecting the average face in a movie. Click on the photo below to read more!


Baby Daddies is a semi-finalist for the Nantucket Screenplay Competition!

I’m very excited that my new screenplay BABY DADDIES is a semi-finalist for the Nantucket Film Festival‘s Screenplay Competition.

I have some stiff competition from the synopses of the other 9 scripts though! They all sound incredible! Isaac Newton, gypsies, AND F. Scott Fitzgerald in the mix? What’s a screenplay about regular people do? Wish me luck!

Click the pic below for the announcement!